Certified Surgical Services Inc.

Our Mission

 To provide the most Trustworthy, Competent and Economical Medical Device Repair Service  

Your Trustworthy Certified Medical Device Repair Company

We Are Always Looking For Highly Motivated, Passionate, Educated And Professional Independent Sales Professionals

Please See Our Independent Sales Representative Description Below

Specializing in Endoscopy

Flexible and Rigid Endoscopy Repair and Maintenance

Although we specialize in Flexible and Rigid Endoscope Repair and Maintenance, we also provide repair and maintenance on many other types of medical instruments. Surgical Instrumentation, Endoscopic Video Equipment, Powered Surgical Equipment, Fiber Optic Cables, Phaco Hand-pieces and Ultrasound Probes are some of the other devices we service and maintain.

Independent Sales Reps Needed

Next Level Commission Structure

We realize it can be intimidating agreeing to an Independent Sales Representative position. That's why we have created our commission structure to benefit you. When you partner with CSS, hard work and results are rewarded.


Certified Surgical Services will pay a 30% commission rate on all Customer Approved Flexible Endoscope Repairs your first Six (6) months of employment (Introductory Period). Commission paid after Invoice Payment received. Other Modalities are slightly lower. Commission rate will change after Introductory Period. Commission rate based on End User Retail Pricing. 

We are looking for Sales Reps within the medical community. This experience will dramatically help with penetrating this highly competitive market. If you feel you have the desire and motivation, please contact CSS. 

Are You Ready??

CSS will provide training on all our Services. We will utilize all resources to assist your process. We have many offerings not provided by other Independent Service Organizations for you to promote to perspective customers.

If you are ready please send resume to: info@certifiedsurgicalservices.com 

Please review our Website for more information on Certified Surgical Services. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Our Promise

Certified Quality

Our number one focus is quality repairs. We are so confident in our process, we offer an industry leading 6 month warranty. We only use replacement components that meet or exceed the OEM and all adhesives are tested to last using today's current cleaning technologies. We will completely evaluate every function of your equipment a minimum of three times before returning back to you

Certified Quotes

When we quote you for necessary repairs to bring your equipment back to manufactures specifications, we honor that quote. No more worry of receiving a re-quote for your instrument. Your equipment will be thoroughly evaluated to determine all needed repairs during the initial inspection

*Rare exclusions

Certified Turn Times

When you work with Certified Surgical Services you will be given a guaranteed return date after approval of the repairs required. You will now know when your equipment will be returned creating easier planning of your days needs and procedures. If we do not meet our goals, your repair invoice is reduced. It is the least we can do for your confidence in Certified Surgical Services