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  To provide the most Trustworthy, Competent and Economical Medical  Device Repair Service  

Flexible Endoscopy


Flexible Endoscopes

 The Flexible Endoscope is a complicated tool which must be repaired and adjusted to detailed specifications and ergonomics to function properly. When you team with Certified Surgical Services and our 50+ years’ experience, you will feel confident your equipment is serviced by highly trained expert technicians with the highest possible knowledge, skills and integrity. Many of the techniques, processes and procedures used throughout the industry today have been designed and implemented by current Certified Surgical Services personnel.

Certified Surgical Services has full capabilities on all the major manufactures of Flexible Endoscopes. From the simple Bending Rubber replacement to the complete rebuild of Fiberscopes and Videoscopes. We can fully refurbish your equipment to like new condition while saving valuable assets for other department needs.

Repair Highlights

  • *Certified Quote, Quality and Turn Times
  • Upon arrival, instrument Serial Number checked for previous repair service
  • All instrument specifications documented
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation performed on all functions according to make and model
  • Customer informed of all findings
  • Once approved, the instrument is repaired with components that meet or exceed Manufactures standards
  • Repair technician tests all repaired functions
  • Repair technician performs a complete inspection of all instrument functions
  • Instrument transported to Quality Control department for a thorough inspection of all functions for a third time before returning
  • Instrument returned per customer instructions
  • Loaners available at no charge on a first come first serve basis. All loaners must be properly cleaned before returning to Certified Surgical Services. Any damage incurred during customer use will be charged at standard pricing
  • *Rare exclusions  

Current Promotion

Certified Surgical Services is currently offering $500.00 off your first Flexible Endoscope Repair Service. First time users of Certified Surgical Services will receive the discount on any approved Flexible Endoscope repair.

Replacement Components

We understand the concerns of customers regarding replacement components. Many medical facilities feel only Manufacture components can be used on their equipment. It is important to know that the OEM's generally do not manufacture their own components. They utilize independent machine shops and injection mold companies to make their parts. In order for that company to continue working with the OEM's, they must sign an agreement to not sell the components to any other entity. By that standard and the OEM's stance of not selling any components to Independent Service Organizations we do not have access to OEM replacement parts. In today's environment all parts are manufactured to OEM standards or better. Below you can see a brief sampling of our replacement components. We will start with a better, more durable and more expensive base material. For example we utilize Aluminum and Stainless Steel in place of the material used on original equipment components. Be assured our parts will last

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